Sachi Mohabbat Pane ka Qurani Amal, Wazifa, Dua in 3 Days

Love (Mohabbat) is the purest thing in the world. This sachi mohabbat pane ka qurani amal can help you to get your love. This powerful Islamic sachi mohabbat ka amal has been taken from the sacred book the Quran. It was written with the purpose of helping people so they can get true love in their life.

Once in life, we all fall in love and we can feel it from the heart. We all experience it once in a lifetime. That love is true love. Most of the people let it go away and sacrifice it over some miss understanding or other reasons. They marry other partners and leave their love behind. But only a few people stick to their love and fight for it. Lucky are those who receive the gift of true love as not all of us get it. True love is really precious, pious, and powerful. It can bend the world and turn anything around. 

So if you have fallen in love and you want to marry your partner but your partner is not ready. Or your partner is angry with you over something then you should not let them go. True love is rare to find so hold on to it tightly until you get what you want.

sachi mohabbat pane ka qurani amal
sachi mohabbat pane ka qurani amal

Use this मोहब्बत का सिफली अमल to convince your partner for marriage or relationship. This sachi mohabbat ka amal has helped many lovers in the past. It is so powerful and it will unite the magical powers to fulfil your wish. True love will come into your life forever after performing this Mohabbat ko pane ki dua.

This Islamic ruhani amal has been in the holy Quran for years. This method old, successful, and really powerful. It is easy to perform and does not have any side effects. It is completely safe and result-giving.

This Allah se apne pyar ko pane ki dua is divided into a few steps and you have to apply it in the same way to get the maximum benefits.

Here is Sachi Mohabbat Pane ka Qurani Amal. Read the instructions carefully to apply it properly:-

  • Agar aap kisi ko behad chaahate hai or wo aapse rooth gaya toh abh aapko fikar karne ki zaroort nahi aap is amal ko kasrat k sath InshaAllah aapki mohobaat aapko hasil ho jayegi
  • Aaye sikhte hai is amal ko kaise kiya jata hai is amal ko shuru karne se pahele 7 din ka ya Allah Nikah Istikharah zarur karein.
  • Aur iski tabeer aapke haq mein aayi ho
  • Hijri maah ki nauchandi jummerat ko ya jumma ko sirf ek martabar ye amal kare Agar zaroorat padhe to agle hijri maah ki Nauchandi jummerat ko phir se kar sakte hai
  • Sab se pahele taza wazu bana lijiye aur sabse awwal durood-e-paak 5 martabaar padhiye phir tarqeeb iski ye hai ke ayat shareef mand raja baala jo ki nichi likhi hui hai usko 7 martabar padh lijiye phir kisi kism ki sheerni meethe chawal ya kheer wagerah par dum kar dijiye
  • Agar sheerni par dum nahi kar sakte to thode se chameli ke phoolon par dum kar dijiye
  • Phir akhir mein Durood-e-pak 5 martabaar padhiye phir ye dum ki hui sheerni matloob ko khila dijiye aur nahi khila sakte hai to ankhein band karke mashooq ka tasavvur karte hue un par 3 bar dum kar dijiye.
  • Shart ye hai ki aap ki niyat sachi or sadgi se hui ho to InshaAllah aapko kamyabi isme hasil ho jayegi.

Man kaanaMu’hammdin Ab aa A’hadin-Min-rRijaalikum Wala kin RasoolAllahi Wa-khaatiman-Nabiyyeena Bi-Re’hmatikaa Ya Arr-‘Hamar-Rahemeena

Mohobbat Pane ka Wazifa

You can also try mohobbat pane ka qazifa to get your true love. This powerful Islamic mohobbat ka wazifa works in the same way but the method is a little bit different from the last one. Read it carefully to perform it properly and accurately.

  • Is wafize ko padhne se pahele aap 5 waqt ki namaz k baad he ye wazifa shuru karein. Ye wazifa aapko raat k beech mei padni hogi. Aap beech raatei uth jaye or wazu kar le.
  • Apni mohabbat pane ka wazifa k liye aur wazu aap sunnah k hisaab se karein. Uske baad aap 2 raqats nafil padh le phir aap ko 2 raqats.
  • Tahajjud namaz padh k phir se 2 raqats padh lein.
  • Jab aap ki namaz khatam ho jaye uske baad aap dua karein. Or daroodshareef padhein uske aap apne mehboob lete waqt ye wazifa padhein
  • Allahhummaa Alliff Baiinaa Qulubiinn Waa Asleehh Zaataa Bainiinn Wahdeenaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaati ilannuur.
  • Jab aap ye wazifa padh k khatam kar dein.
  • Uske aap aap sone chale jayeien or apna pura bharosha Rakein.
  • Allah pe InshaAllah aapki Allah zaroor madad karenge. Baki agar aap results 3 din mein pana chahte ho to abhi Molvi Sahab ko contact kriye.

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