Wazifa for Lover Come Back in 3 Days (100% Working)

wazifa for lover come back

Love relationships are very common nowadays hence it is difficult to maintain a perfect lifestyle and a peaceful relationship with your partner. When you try to save your relationship and your partner Doesn’t want to continue that relation That time you feel so sorrowful. If you are going through a tough time then you do not need to worry. This wazifa for lover come back will heal your pain. You can use this for any person whom you want to get back again in your life. 

When you lose your lover it gets very hard to move on after a break-up. You want your him/her again in your life in any cost but you partner is not to come back, You should use this wazifa and also beg in front of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, He will change your partner hearts within two second This is a powerful remedy to bring your love back to you. 

Read these instructions before reciting the above-mentioned wazifa for get love back in 24 hours. They are a very important part of the method. Please do not skip them. Otherwise, the dua won’t work at all. 

  • Cleanse yourself by taking a bath then you have to do a proper wuddooh
  • Spread janemaaz and sit facing the Qiblah direction. Then recite this dua 111 times at any point of the day. 
  • Read Durood Sharif before and after dua and read this dua 21 days 
  • Never tell anyone about this before achieving it 
  • Ladies shouldn’t perform this in periods.

Here is a powerful wazifa for lovers come back: –

Alqari aatu Malqari’ahn wama adraka maalqari’aah Yawma yakoonunnassu kalfaraashil mabsoosi Watakoonu -ljibaalu kal ‘ihni- Imanfooshi Fa-amma man saqulat mawaazeenuhu Fahuwa fee’eeshaatinr-raadiyaah Wa amma man khafat mawaazeenuhu Fa ummuhu haawiyaah Wama adraka ma hiyah Naarun ‘Haamiyah.

wazifa for lover come back
Wazifa for Lover Come Back

Best Wazifa for Lover Come Back

In Islam Allah has blessed us with a holy book of Quran in we can get powerful Islamic dua and wazifa If you use this method can solve as well as fulfill your all wishes You must try this best dua for love is magical and powerful In past many boys and girls have tried and this will resolve their problems.

Before reciting this strong Islamic wazifa for love back in one day you have to follow some of the rules. The method is written below.

Read these instructions if you wish to perform best dua to make someone love you back: –

  • Recite the dua to get someone back in your life on the first Thursday of the new moon.
  • Recite the wazifa after performing the obligatory prayer of the night before going to sleep.
  • Recite this wazifa 101 times along with Durood Ibrahimi 7 times at the beginning and 7 times at the end.
  • Pray to Allah to melt the heart of that person and make them come back to you.
  • Insha Allah, in no time your prayers will be heard and that person will come back.

Here is best dua for love: –

Kad Sha Ga Fa Ha

Dua For Lovers To Come Back

Use this dua for lovers to come back in your life. If your intention is pure and you are thinking about marrying your partner. Through this, your lover comes to you and gives you a marriage proposal

Instructions of reciting dua for someone to come back to you are written below Read them carefully. 

  • After a shower, recite durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then recite the following aayat 15 times with surah fatiha Subhanaka la illa anta ya rabba kulli shai in wa waris hoo wa.
  • Then narrate durood Shareef 11 times and after that blow the sweet and give it to your partner to eat.

Here is the most powerful Dua for love back: –

Alhummaj Al SalawaatikaWaBarakaatika Ala Muhammadinin Nabi Yi WaazwaajihiUmmahaatilMu’mineenaWazurriyatihiWaAhli BaytihiKamasallayta Ala InrahimaInnakaHameedum Majeed.

InshaAllah this will help you and your proposal to be accepted soon surely. All your prayers and thoughts will be taken into account and will be considered good. The only thing is you have to do is to recite it precisely and religiously.

Final Words

Contact us for more information. We hope this dua and Wazifa for Lover Come Back will resolve your complication and if by any chance you are not able to perform them, then contact our Molvi Sahab. He will perform it on your behalf. For any other information, you can contact our team on the given number.

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