Dua to Make Someone Agree With You

Assalamualaikum dear readers, in this article we’ll be learning one of the most important Dua, A Dua to make someone agree with you, which will surely help almost every human to take better mutual and cooperative decisions.

We all know that different people always have different mindsets. And your perceptive or opinion on something won’t at all be similar or exact with the other person.

Almighty Allah SWT has blessed us with the power of thinking and the ability to choose and decide from many different alternatives. We need to come to an agreement with the person we live with or the person to whom we matter the most to come up with an agreement in order to make a decision.

Taking a decision isn’t simple after all, it can change many and various necessary functions of your life. Decision-taking must always be done with pure and a honest heart.

dua to make someone agree with you
dua to make someone agree with you

It’s known that the decisions are taken when you’re angry always let you down. And it must always be acceptable for both your partner and your parents as well, depending upon the parameter of your decision’s effects.

As we’ve mentioned above in the article, different people have a different mindset and it’s really hard to get to a point where both you and your partner or parents will agree with you to come to a point where you respect and accept your idea of agreement.

If you think that decision will bring a really great deal of impact on your life, then you must recite our dua to change someone’s decision with you.

Dua to make someone agree

Almighty Allah SWT always forgives us and he never likes sin, lies & crimes. So it’s really essential for everyone to seek forgiveness for everything bad you’ve done in your life. The almighty will In Sha Allah cleanse off you from all your devilish sins. It’s important to seek forgiveness because you need to confess your crimes to request what you want. Right?

Following is the Dua to make someone agree with you

  • First of all, do wudu. It’s important to be in wudu state to recite this Dua
  • Then recite verse #22 from surah-fatir our holy Quran.
  • You need to recite this Dua 99 times straight.
  • You’ll always need to keep that specific person in your mind, whom you want to change your mind to.

Please recite this Dua with the pure and right intention, since prayers with Haram‘s intentions will surely be rejected.

If someone’s agreement on something can cost someone’s life or can change one’s life itself, then you must consider meeting an Islamic astrology specialist. And explain to him about your current condition and the consequences of it.

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Dua to make someone agree for marriage

Are you in that part of life, where you want to marry someone but either they don’t know about it, you don’t want to tell them or they just don’t agree to marry you?

Remember if the person is meant to be your soulmate then you’ll be tied to him no matter what and that’s what destiny is! But if you don’t know about your future and you just want to know if the person wants to marry you or if the person is truly right to you. You can test your destiny by reciting Dua to make someone agree for marriage.

Ahh! Here we go again, remember you’ll need to have a pure intention for this Dua to get results from Almighty Allah SWT.

Following in the procedure of Dua to make someone agree for marriage

  • After your regular ishah salah of every day, you need to recite the below Dua 278 times.
  • Haa Meem ‘Aiyn Seen Qaaf.
  • Before and after reading Darood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • You’ll need to have to picture the face of the person you want to dua to make someone agree to what you say.

Then in Sha Allah, if the person is truly your destiny then you’ll get some sign from Almighty Allah SWT.

You need not worry if you don’t get results from reciting Dua to make someone agree to marriage but it means that almighty Allah has something better and something that you deserve far more. So, never lose faith in him and keep praying and reading Holy Quran too.

Conclusion :

The above wazifa of Dua to make someone agree and Dua to make someone agree to the marriage and highly sacred and are to be performed without Haram intentions.

Share this article with everyone, you never know what someone is going through. Let them know you care.


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