Dua to Heal and Cure a Broken Heart (101% Tested)

Dua to get over a broken heart

Dua to get over a broken heart – Once in life, we all suffer heartbreaks. We lose our love, dreams, or something that we loved the most and we cry over the loss. There can be many reasons behind this heartbreak, for example, .failing an exam, rejection, betrayal, getting hurt by someone’s harsh words, etc. But the most common reason is rejection or cheating in love.

It is the most painful thing that can happen to anyone and it is difficult to cure a broken heart. But heartbreak is not the end of our life. Life is too big to end because of heartbreak. We have to keep going, find a way to stay happy and content.

So if you are feeling heartbroken or facing only criticisms and disappointments in each and every aspect of your life then don’t get disheartened.

Dua to get over a broken heart

Connect your heart with Almighty by reciting the Holy book of the Quran, Wazifas, and Duas to mend your broken heart. Only you can cure your broken heart. Our holy book the Quran has blessed us with lots of wazifas and duas. We also have dua to cure a broken heart.

This powerful Islamic dua is very effective for those, who wish to heal their heart or move on in life. You will forget your love after reciting this dua to heal a broken heart. Allah will cure your broken heart. No one can do it better than him.

Here is that dua to cure a broken heart:-

You must discover the exact cause of your suffering before you can heal a broken heart. You should not blame another person for your suffering for what they have done.

To aid in your healing process, follow each of these steps in no particular order. If your loved ones have suggested some steps to you, you can also take them but follow the below steps.

Kindly follow all the rules and regulations to get a fruitful and good result.

And following are the steps that you have to follow carefully.

YaaHayyuyaaQayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth

  • Clean yourself properly and take a bath.
  • Do a proper wudu.
  • The place should be neat and clean where you are going to perform this dua.
  • Spread your Ja namaz and sit facing Qibla’s direction.
  • Read durood Sharif 5 times.
  • Read this Dua “YaaHayyuyaaQayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth” recite it 11 times.
  • Now again read, durood Shareef for 5 times.
  • You can read this dua any time whenever you feel weak or stressed.

Insha Allah. Soon you will get good results out of it.

Dua to Mend Broken Heart

Nowadays people only care about materialistic things. They only feel love and affection towards money and luxurious things. Only a few people in this world care about real feelings and about someone’s heart. You should not hurt anyone by saying bitter and harsh words because it is totally wrong on our part. Our harsh words can easily break someone’s heart.

But you should also save your heart from being broken. And you should heal yourself if you have been broken before. Otherwise, it will cause depression, stress, or pain and it won’t let you live a normal life.

To cure yourself, pray from Allah. Remember, Allah, with all your heart and with all your devotion and dedication. He will surely wipe off your pains and Allah will shower his blessings upon you.

You can also read this dua to mend broken heart. It is a powerful Islamic Dua. It was written in the holy book Quran and has benefitted many reciters.

Just read this mend broken heart dua with dedication and faith. Soon you will see a positive result of it.

Dua for broken heart is written down. Have faith in Allah and read this dua carefully to ease your broken heart. It is a very effective dua for love heart issues.

Alahumma la Sahla illaa maa ja’altahu sahlaa wa anta taj’alna sa’ba in shi’ta sahlaa.

Follow these instructions before reciting this dua:-

  • Clean yourself properly and take a bath
  • Spread your Janemaaz. Remember that your face should be in Qiblah’s direction.
  • Now read durood sharif three times.
  • After that read this dua “Alahumma la sahla illaa maa ja’ altahu sahla waa anta taj’alus sa’ba in shi’ta sahlaa” for eleven times.
  • Then after reciting dua again read durood sharif three times.
  • Make dua and talk to Allah, try to connect your heart with him.
  • Read this dua every time after Friday asar namaz.

Just read it on time and follow all the instructions to get the maximum benefits. Also recite this dua whenever you feel sad, low, or disconnected. This dua for hurting heart will connect your heart with Allah to heal your broken heart. For faster results, then contact our Molvi Sahab and put complete trust in the Almighty Allah.

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