Dua to Break Engagement or Marriage

Dua to Break Engagement

Dua to break engagement is used by the person who wants to break their engagement.

Sometimes we get into an unwanted relationship without our will. Because of family pressure or sometimes because of wrong decisions. It can also happen due to some other problems also. And after getting into it then we start thinking this is the end now.

The most common problem for breaking a relationship is that most of the time girls or boys don’t have the courage to accept their relationship in front of their parents and have to get engaged with someone else who they don’t want to marry. This kind of relationship most of the time doesn’t turn out successful and ends up as a bad and unsuccessful marital life.

Dua to Break Engagement

Dua to Break Someone Engagement

But don’t worry and don’t get disheartened, Allah has created this world with lots of love and affection so he doesn’t want his people to suffer from any kind of pain. If he has made problems then he also has made solutions for each and every problem no matter how big the problem is. He always showers his blessings and wishes upon us in the form of dua and wazifa which is written in our Islamic books.

This dua to break engagement of someone is one of them. Dua for breaking engagement is a powerful Islamic method that everyone should try. If they want to get rid of their unwanted forced relationship and want to have a new and loving relationship.

You should also try this Dua to break marriage proposal. If you want to break your engagement and also to save your upcoming life. It will work like magic in your life to fulfill your wish. Dua for breaking engagement has been taken from the sacred book the Quran. It was written with the purpose of helping people so they can get out of an unwanted engagement.

Follow these steps to perform Dua for Breaking Engagement:-

  • First, do a proper wudu and with full attention and recite this dua
  • The place should be neat and clean where you are performing dua
  • Recite each and every word clearly
  • Recite this dua every time you perform namaz

Allahumma Allif Baina Qulubina Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subullaa Assalaamm Waa Najjeenna Minazullamatii illanoor

Recite this dua every time you perform salah and don’t get upset just read this dua with a good heart. In Shaa Allah, Allah(SWT) will answer your prayer and you will get fast and good results. Because it is a very powerful taweez for breaking engagement or to cancel your future marriage with the person whom you don’t want to marry.

And Remember one thing there is nothing impossible in this world. Allah has blessed us with a lot of powerful duas and wazaif. This dua surely will bring back your happiness and break your engagement that will end all your problems. In Shaa Allah.

Dua to Cancel a Marriage

We sometimes don’t get what we want or expect from life. Some people end up accepting it. They believe that they can do nothing to stop it. It is in their destiny and some people don’t lose their hope and they start working hard to achieve their goal.

Some marriages turn out worse no matter. If it is love or arrange marriage. People sometimes get hitched into a wrong relationship due to lots of issues that soon turns into a big blunder.

If you are going to get into this kind of situation then stop it immediately. Because these types of situations are very hectic and they bring nothing but problems. An unwanted marriage will ruin your life. Now, you must be thinking what you can do about it. You can’t break your engagement? Can you? Well don’t worry we have lots of duas and wazifas to help you to come out of this situation.

Try this Islamic dua to cancel marriage.  It is a powerful dua and hundred percent result-giving method. According to the holy book Quran. If you perform this dua to cancel marriage then your partner will back out from marriage. Also, you will be able to convince your parents to break your engagement. They will work according to your wishes.

Follow these steps to perform dua to cancel marriage

Allah Humma Aaliff Baiynaa Qulubinn. Waa Asslihhh Zaatar Baiyninnn. Wahdeenaaaa Subullaaa Assalaammm

  • After that recite this dua and pray to stop your marriage
  • Please do proper wudu before reciting this dua
  • Perform this dua after namaz with full concentration
  • Read and recite each and every word carefully and clearly

Our Almighty will surely answer your wazifa to break relationship and if you want the fastest results, then you can also contact our Molvi Sahab and he will surely wipe out all the sadness from your life. In sha Allah.

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