Dua To Increase Love Between Husband and Wife

dua to increase love between husband wife

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband and Wife – Love is the purest relationship in the whole world. Nothing is more important than your love. It connects a soul to another soul. In love, two hearts beat together and for each other. They say it, marriage is for society and love is for the soul. That’s why society values marriage more but soul values love more.

For a couple, marriage is nothing if there is no place for love in it. Both partners cannot be happy with each other if they don’t love each other. Love keeps them happy and their marriage alive. A marriage that does not have love is considered unsuccessful as it doesn’t satisfy the two partners.

In our society, where we go for an arranged marriage and hardly get a chance to know our partner. Some couples fall in love with each other and some don’t, they just stay together because of marriage. These types of relationships where love is not involved often lead to miss understandings, fights, dissatisfaction, violence, cheating, and separation too. So love plays an important role in a happy marriage.

If you are suffering from such a problem where your husband doesn’t love you anymore. It may be due to arranged or forced marriage. Or he loves someone else and cannot forget the woman even after marrying you. Anything can be the reason. But now you are married to him and you have to find a solution to continue with your marriage.

Dua to Bring Husband Wife Closer

Love is completely natural and we don’t choose who we fall for. However, it is not true in all cases. The holy book Quran has some powerful, Islamic Dua in it. This Dua to bring husband and wife closer brings the couple closer and increases love in their relationship.

After reciting this Dua for increase love, your husband will start loving you. People are still using Dua for husband wife for long years. It has saved many marriages and many women solve their problems with the help of this Dua to bring husband and wife closer.

dua to increase love between husband wife
dua to increase love between husband wife

You can also save your marriage and get your husband’s love if you perform this powerful Islamic dua to bring love and understanding between husband and wife. It is a hundred percent result giving and it will not disappoint you.

So make your husbands fall in love with you and bring happiness to your life. You will be able to rule your husband’s life and delete the other woman from his mind if there is any. He will start loving you again.

This dua and surah to increase love between husband and wife are divided into a few steps and you have to apply it in the same way.

Here is Dua for increase love between husband and wife:-

The purpose of this dua to gain husband’s love is to increase the love in the heart of the women whose husband wants to live with them.

  • Is Dua se shohar or biwi ka pyar badega or unke rishte mazboot bhi honge or shohar biwi ki dooriyaan nazdikiyaan me badal jayegi
  • Aaye hum is Dua pe ghar farmate hai agar aapko apne shohar ya biwi ko lekar koi galatfemi toh ye dua aap k liye zaroor kam aayegi
  • Sab se pahele aap wazu kar le or isha ki namaz k baad is dua ko kasrat se padhein
  • “Waal kazimmenal Ghaizaa Waal Aafeena Aaaninaasi Wallaho Yohibbul Mohsinin”

Pahela din ki dua

  • Aap ko is dua ko 100 martabaar kasrat k sath padna hai or isko padhte hue Wa aapko ek saaf pani ka glass ke kar usmein is dua ko dum karein phir aap aise he aapko 3 martabaar is dua ko padte waqt koi saaf glass ka pani le or usmei dalte k rahein aap aisa 3 martabaar kar hai. Or phir aap is dum kiye hua pani ko khud bhi 3 ghoot k sath piye or apne shohar ko bhi 3 ghoot k sath he pilayein aap ko aisa rozaana 45 din tak karein inshaAllah aap ka rishta bht mazboot hoga or aap k beech kabhi ladai nahi hogi

Dusare din ki dua

  • Sab se pahele aap darood shareef padhe 11 martabaar Padhein Bismillahey alwassao jallaha jalaluhoo is datoodsharif ko aap ko 11 martabaar padhna hai akhir mei Aur aap k shohar ko nafil namaz padh k ghar se bhair niklna hoga aur ghar aa kar bhi nafil namaz padhne hogi.
  • Aur aap k shohar ko manzil kitab apne sath rakhni hogi or hamesha usko rozanna padhne padegi InshaAllah  is dua se aap apna ghar abaad payenge or koi bura saaya aap k ghar ghar mei kabhi dakhil nahi ho payega.

Zyada jaankari ke liye aap hmare Molvi Sahab ki contact karein abhi. All your wishes will be fulfilled by Allah, we pray. If you have any experience to share, please do so.

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