Dua Wazifa to Change Someone Mind in 7 Days

Wazifa to change someone mind – Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, there’s always a point of time in your life when you cannot change anything and the people you love the most start hating you, start hating your thoughts and opinions even though if you’re completely right and you have rational thoughts.

If you’re going through all these problems in your life, don’t worry, I know away, in which you have to recite a dua to change someone’s mind.

Most people suffer from these problems and get pressurized by their parents, partners, friends, or anyone from the family. They start losing faith in what they used to believe, & everything starts to fall apart.

change someone mind dua wazifa
change someone mind dua wazifa

For example, some people present a great piece of the idea before their boss and get rejected, some children decide to follow a specific path in their career but parents don’t allow it & some wives want their husband to show more affection towards them but the husbands remain too busy or neglect their wives. All of these can be solved and can be taken under control by reciting a dua to make someone change their mind.

Frequently asked Questions

Does reciting actually helps dua to change someone’s mind?

According to hadith, Dua even has the capability to change one’s destiny.

Sometimes Dua is answered quickly and sometimes it takes too much time. But if you have got the right intentions and if the results of your dua don’t harm anyone then it will surely be answered.

Is it halal to change or control someone’s mind?

Dua for changing someone’s mind is something so important which keeps us connected to Almighty Allah SWT. Dua is believed to be the most important form of worship. No matter what or how difficult it seems to you the dua. It’s always right to keep seeking it from Almighty Allah SWT.

Since even our beloved Prophet (PBUH) had believed in reciting any dua for everything you ever wanted. So it’s also halal to recite Dua to make someone change their mind.

What if my Wazifa to change someone’s mind is unanswered?

Almighty Allah SWT answers to prayers in 3 ways, either yes, not yet or he has something better in store for you. So don’t be upset or lose faith if you’re dua’s are not accepted.

Destiny and his plans are far more worthy and it also means you deserve way more than this. Keep sabr and everything will be fine, alhamdulillah.

You’ll find many different articles on the internet on “dua to change someone’s mind”.

We don’t know if those work or not but the following dua is surely gonna help you in ease.

Now, let’s actually learn this wazifa to change someone’s mind.

Dua to change someone’s mind

The most ideal and legitimate Dua to make someone change their mind is to recite it in following ways

  • Soon after you complete praying salah (namaz) starts performing absolution.
  • Seek forgiveness for every sin you’ve committed intentionally and even non-intentionally.
  • After you’ve done seeking forgiveness read the following Dua

Innaa Allah Yussmiuo Maannyashao

  • Keeping that person in mind read this Dua from 3 to maximum any number of times you want.
  • After reciting this please read the following at least 111 times to please the Almighty Allah SWT.

Waa maa yastawill ahyaa’uu waa lal ammwaat; innall laahaa yusmi’uu may yashaaa’uu waa maa antha bimussi’im mann fil quboorr

  • Follow this procedure for at least 21 days, with the grace of Almighty Allah SWT your prayers shall be fruitful & your dua to change someone’s mind.

You just need to imagine the picture of the specific person while reciting the dua to change someone’s mind. It doesn’t matter even if they’re too far away from you.

You just need to have a clear thought of why you want to change their mind and the importance of it.

The above dua can be used to pray to change someone’s mind, for instance by reciting this dua you’ll be able to change your husband’s thoughts. Even if your husband neglects you or doesn’t respond to you enough, this dua can help you change your husband’s mind to love you more, show more affection and & possessiveness.

Changing someone’s mind doesn’t mean you’re manipulating the person to follow your actions. Here, changing mind means asking Allah to enlighten the person about the importance of your thought or opinion in both of your lives.

Conclusion –

All you have to do is to perform the steps mentioned above properly for 21 days in order to get results from your Dua to change someone’s mind. Have faith in what you believe in and be patient for his response. You can also contact our Molvi Sahab for better results in 3 days.

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